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Guest Worship Membership

Contracting | Coaching | Community

The Guest Worship Network is a worship leader and musician membership community that serves its members in the areas of CONTRACTING, COACHING, and COMMUNITY.


By joining GWN each member will immediately have the opportunity to receive contracting opportunities with various churches and events in your neighborhood and across the nation. You'll get paid to do what you love to do!


Members also receiving hand-on and virtual coaching from highly effective and experienced worship leaders, musicians and artists so you can stop spinning on that hamster wheel and start growing your talents and career.


All GWN members will also have immediate access to a community of thousands of worship leaders, musicians, and church all over North America. 


And the best part? You will receive monthly coaching emails and have the chance to join monthly webinars and gain access to highly successful worship leaders and artist that you otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to rub shoulders with.

We're not just trying to get you to sign up for another inbox filler, random subscription that you'll never use, a quick fix or wish list here, this is a long-term investment. 

It's our goal to serve you and help you thrive in your specific context. 

Meet some current members of the Guest Worship Network...


Annie Harvey

Guest Worship was a door that God opened with endless possibilities and ample opportunities. It's allowed me to connect with several churches, create deep and meaningful friendships, and run full force towards Christ in the process. I've made community that has rallied around me in prayer. Getting the opportunity to worship with other churches has opened my eyes to outside of myself. Besides pushing me closer to Christ, Guest Worship has helped me as a musician by humbling me to my core. At times, it's made me uncomfortable. I've played unfamiliar songs, with unfamiliar people, in unfamiliar environments. I've learned that pushing myself past comfortability is where I see my growth take off as a drummer. I'm thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the family.

Jack Diven

GW has been an amazing! This is a great resource God has used for provision in my life, all while doing something I love. As a GW artist, I've been able to connect with people in different cities I wouldn't have connected with otherwise. Get on board with GW and you'll be glad you did! You never know what adventures it will take you on.

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Here is a snapshot of whats included within a
Guest Worship Network Membership
*note - each service offered is customized within a membership option of your choice


Get access to churches in your neighborhood and across the nation and have an opportunity to receive payment for your skills and services. GWN has churches locally & nationwide with an average fee of $300 per contract. 100% of fee goes to GWN member.) Disclaimer: contracts are not guaranteed [$600+ potential monthly earnings]


Get full lifetime access to hundreds of video trainings from high level leaders like Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Paul Baloche, and more. 


Members will receive monthly coaching emails and webinars from highly effective worship leaders, musicians, and artists. Topics can include inspirational content, practical how-tos, creating systems, setting goals, Q&As and much more. Previous coaches have included John Mark McMillan, Aaron Keyes, Malcolm DuPlessis, United Pursuit, Bethel Music, Jesus Culture, Elevation Worship and more.


Here are some FREE rad bonuses we are throwing in:

  • 30 day trial period

  • No contract - cancel membership whenever you want

  • FREE 30 minute personal coaching session with founders Scott and Jason (with PRO)

  • 5 Keys To Song Selection ebook

  • Guest Worship's Top Book Recommendations

  • Discount to Bethel's Worship U

  • Plus... more surprise freebies and resources each month


You've got two choices here:​


You could keep trying to figure all of this stuff out on your own (which often takes even the most hard-working and intelligent people forever to do).




You could become a member of The Guest Worship Network and get massive results!


Think about where you want to be six months from now...or even ONE month from now.


Do you have a proven plan to get there?


With The Guest Worship Network Membership you can immediately start getting paid to do what you love, receive expert coaching, and meet hundreds of other awesome like-minded musos to help you achieve the success you desire faster than you thought was possible.


What will you choose? Become A Member Today!


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