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Worship Leaders & Musicians

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Are you a worship leader or musician looking to:
  • Use your musical worship gifts to serve your community
  • Get paid to utilize your musical gifts, while helping churches in need
  • Network with fellow musicians and churches in your community
If so, you are in the right place, we can help!

Hear what some current members of the Guest Worship Network are saying about being part of our network...


Ben Heemstra

I had been the worship and creative director at a local church for 2 years when I felt God calling me to something different. I had no idea what that was, but I decided to put my trust in Him and step off the edge. I soon realized that God wanted me involved with Guest Worship. I love waking up every Sunday and being sent to churches in need of worship. Leading worship is what I was created to do and I love developing the relationships with all the different church staff members and volunteers. It’s truly a blessing to be able to be a part of what feels like God’s plan for me in my life.

Debra Elana

I’ve been working with Guest Worship for a little over a year and I have truly enjoyed it.  Ive been blessed to meet some of the sweetest people, and to learn from some extremely talented worship leaders. Being a part of this team has helped me to grow as an artist and more importantly as a worshiper. 

Jack Diven

Guest Worship has been an amazing! This is a great resource God has used for provision in my life, all while doing something I love. As a Guest Worship artist, I've been able to connect with people in different cities I wouldn't have connected with otherwise. Get on board with Guest Worship and you'll be glad you did! You never know what adventures it will take you on.

Peter Jensen

Working for Guest Worship has been nothing short of amazing! I have met some pretty awesome people as well been to some great churches all across Texas. They have helped me become a better leader as well as a musician. Great organization to work for and for sure have had my back when needed! 

Robert & Melissa Bond

Guest Worship has been blessing to us. It is a wonderful organization for the worship leaders connected to it and the churches ministered to through it. It is evangelistic and practical in filling needs where the body of Christ can be served. The worship leaders involved move beyond their comfort level to grow, expand, and learn in multiple environments. We highly recommend it, and appreciate the Christ centered, prayerful approach they always employ. 

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