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•      A historical survey of race and culture in America

•      How the Church has influenced American views on race and culture

•      The American church’s current relationship with race and culture

•      The evolution and future of multicultural church expressions in America


About Your Presenter

Robby Valderrama

Robby has a history of cultivating multicultural ministries that successfully engage with their local communities. In the least churched area of the country, his multi-ethnic, multi-denominational ministry at San Jose State University was recognized as “Student Organization Of The Year” for its impact on the campus. Since moving to Nashville, his non-profit Praise Hands has become a key force in educating and empowering the American church towards multicultural ministry. He currently hosts the Praise Hands Podcast, leads the Praise Hands Collective worship group, and is one of the founders of 

Stay tuned for Part Three in this 3-Part Webinar series entitled "Practical Tools For Multicultural Ministry"

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