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As a Guest Worship Network (Guest Worship) musician, worship leader, technician or coach, you are expected to maintain a good attitude at all times.  It is a must that you are prepared including knowing your music, service flow & communicating song sequences for the lyric slides.  If there are any issues regarding a lack of responsibility in these areas, it may result in the termination as a partner.  Songs may or may not be supplied by the church and we require sermon theme and scripture from the church each week for song selection. Planning Center Services or other worship planning software mat be used, based on the network church.   

You are required to be 15 minutes early to the scheduled call time and we do not tolerate tardiness.  Outlined below are the steps to being a Guest Worship Artist:

Attire: Each church requires different attire; some are traditional, while others are more casual.  Come in appropriate attire for each venue.  If you have questions about what to wear, contact the manager.

Attitude: We expect you to have a Christ-like attitude as a Guest Worship Artist.  You represent yourself and Guest at every event.  Moreover, you are partnering with us to serve Christ by serving each local expression of His body. 

Attendance: We expect you to arrive 15 minutes prior to the appointed time.  We also ask that you give at least 72 hours notice prior to the event if you need to decline or reschedule a confirmed gig.  In case of an emergency, text to 443-852-4589.

Awareness- Make sure you know the setlist, any service transitions needed and if there are any extra elements being added to the service. It is important to communicate with the Pastor and team to assure you are doing similar versions of songs that the church may be more familiar with. 

Advocating and Annoyance: The entire staff of Guest Worship works in and with staff of churches.  We know it’s not always the greatest experience.  We also know that you will encounter problems while working in the churches.  You may come across pastors and other musicians that don't reflect our same values.  When you get annoyed or frustrated, it's very important that you let us fight your battles and have the conversations with churches.  Even if it seems petty or small, let us know!  Taking care of the small misunderstandings is better than dealing with big problems later.  Feel free to report any problems by phone or email to our administrator or our manager.  We are your advocates and we want to take care of you.  We desire to help you grow and be successful as a musician and a minister of the gospel. 

Accessibility: We expect that you will be accessible through email and phone.  Planning Center is our primary contact tool, but we will utilize email and phone as additional contact points.  Neglecting to respond will result in diminished opportunity.  If you are unavailable or have problems using the tools, let us know!  We will be glad to set up training time.  We consider your personal information to be valuable.  As such, we promise not to sell or give it to others. Being accessible also means that you have the ability to add to our brand as well as hurt the name of Guest Worship through online communication. Please be mindful of what you say about the churches you work with and the use of the Guest name. Your online interactions will be held to the same standard as written, voiced, or recorded impressions of the Guest Network. A great rule that we follow is to praise in public and use private communication to voice the negative. 


COVID-19 Policy: Artist takes full responsibility for protecting themselves and anyone they come into contact with at assigned Guest Worship partner churches. This includes adhering to standard COVID protocols (ie. Wearing masks where required, social distancing, temperature checks, staying home if sick or with COVID symptoms) and also following the protocols that the partner church has in place. If Artist cancels due to being sick or for any other reason, they will not be paid for scheduled events and Guest Worship will find a replacement. Guest Worship will not be held responsible for any transmission of COVID-19 to the artist or anyone that they come into contact with while serving at the Guest Worship- partner church.



We request that you keep the integrity of the Guest Worship Network.  You are being scheduled at that church to be a resource for the local church; therefore, you should act accordingly.  You are to keep a good attitude and lifestyle on and off the stage and be willing to serve in any areas you might be needed.  If Guest Worship schedules you for a church that you have no previous relationship with, we ask that you continue going through Guest Worship even if they personally request you and that there will be no instances where Artist books directly with the church.  In addition, please notify us if the church attempts to book or hire Artists without Guest worships knowledge. If the Church and Artist agree that the union of the two is a good fit for employment, Guest Worship will work with both the church and Artist to assure a smooth transition to being on staff, only if the church buys out the Artist contract with Guest Worship in advance of beginning the hiring process.



You will be paid within seven days of playing, but in most cases the church will pay you immediately following the service.  Payment will normally come from the church unless other arrangement are made through Guest Worship at which time you will be notified in writing prior to the date of service.



  1. I agree not to compete with Guest Worship in the practice of providing guest worship leaders and musicians (other than myself) while contracting with Guest Worship and for a period of one year after termination of engagement with Guest Worship activities. 

  2. As a part of the Guest Worship Network, I agree to notify Guest Network when a Guest Worship partner church attempts to recruit me.  I also concede that I will not market myself to a church that I was scheduled for through Guest Worship and that all booking need to go through Guest Worship. This agreement ONLY pertains to Guest Worship network churches. 

  3. I understand that if I choose to continue a partnership with one of our Network churches on a strictly volunteer basis, I am not in breech of the non-compete clause.  I do however agree to notify Guest Worship immediately upon consideration of this option.  Guest Worship does not wish to inhibit or deter the work of the Holy Spirit in the artist or church, but we do value the significance of the Network.

  4. For purposes of this covenant not to compete, competition is defined as soliciting or accepting employment by, or rendering professional services to, any person or organization that is or was a partner of Guest Worship during the term of your contract with Guest Worship unless otherwise agreed to by Guest Worship management.

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